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Check Cashing Near Me: The Basics

Cashing checks is a very important business transaction. You may be wondering 'where is the closest place for check cashing near me?' Many times, it can save you from getting into financial trouble when you have no option but to cash a check. What poses as a dilemma when you have nothing but checks on you is that not all banks can convert your check to cash. If you need to find stamps near you then why not try looking for your Post Office near me or a Staples near me. Another option is to look for CVS near me. Check out my list of top stamp buys online

Sometimes, banks will only offer conversions of checks to cash if they are the ones who issued the check in the first place. On rare occasions, they will convert your check into cash for you even if they are not the ones who issued the check with one condition: fees. If you are looking for the means of cashing checks and avoiding this altogether, this article will serve as a good resource in your search for the best locations for check cashing near me.

Check Cashing Near Me Locations Map

Check Cashing Near Me With The Lowest Rates

If you want to find a place to cash your checks, you should first try to find the location which is the cheapest check cashing place. For your reference, the following check cashing place near me listed below should serve solely as a reference to helping you find a place to get the best rate on cashing your checks.

Of course, rates can always change if one or two people behind a desk changes their mind, so don’t consider this page to be an immortal and everlasting resource. However, we will do our best to keep the latest rates and fees for cashing checks on this page so that you can depend on us as a high-quality source for finding the best check cashing near me locations.

The Check Cashing Place

Thanks to The Check Cashing Place, you no longer have to worry about getting terrible fines for cashing checks. The Check Cashing Place Inc. has been providing check cashing near me services in Southern California since 1976. What’s more, they can even purchase your unwanted gift cards and store credits for cash! They are also known for giving loans to people who have been turned down elsewhere. The Check Cashing Place should be one of your top options for cashing your checks without resorting to high bank fees.

If you are in need of a loan, simply go to The Check Cashing Place. If these services are not enough, you can even buy stamps at Check Cashing places. How do I know? Well, I once asked “Does Check Cashing places sell stamps?” to someone I knew who often condones their services and I got a big “Yes!” in confirmation. I was in dire need of stamps, so I immediately looked for the closest check cashing places to me. Thankfully, to find check cashing places store is a very easy task because you can easily find the locations in The Check Cashing Places official website.

Kroger Brand Stores

Kroger brand stores are one the best places to check for check cashing near me. Kroger is one of the main pioneers in the grocery industry, and has since risen to owning several different names such as Dillons, Fred Meyer, Fry’s, King Soopers, QFC, Ralphs, Harris Teeter, and more. If you have a Kroger in your neighborhood head over to the customer service desk and bring your check and ID card and they will cash your check for a relatively small fee.

Government or tax refund checks can be cashed at Kroger stores for $3, and payroll or insurance checks can be cashed for $5. Considering this is a little more than what The Check Cashing Place near me charges and might also be convenient to use during your grocery shopping, you might prefer to come here.


If you already go shopping here, you might prefer to go to Walmart instead of other places to cash your checks. Since Walmart is already famous for being a one-stop convenience store which offers wide array of products, it is a wonderful check cashing near me that gives a pretty good rate. The fee is $3 for checks $1000 or less, and $6 for $1001-5,000. Since most people tend to cash small checks or simply deposit them into their bank account, this is a great competitor to other check cashing places near me that will give you a good rate.

Walmart is already one of the heavy-hitters in the commercial industry, and it produces an annual GDP that would land it as 28th in the world if it were a country. Since it already provides the products you want at an affordable price, it is also a wonderful option to consider using for cashing your checks. It is a place that provides check cashing near me consistently and gives affordable rates.

Banks That Provide Inexpensive Check Cashing Near Me

A bank might still be the most convenient option for you to use to cash your checks, depending on how much you are willing to pay for your check to be cashed, whether or not you are their client, and their proximity to other locations like the ones listed above. Sometimes it might be best to cash a check at a bank that is close to you rather than spending the extra money on gas to go to another location.

If you are sure that you would rather cash your check at a bank, the following banks provide check cashing near me and may or may not be the most affordable option for you to consider. Depending on your location and personal circumstances you might decide to pursue one of these options. Sometimes it might be more affordable or convenient to simply cash a check at a bank, so we have included some of the top options below.

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is one of the most popular banks in America, and has many different locations that may or may not be conveniently located near you. Of course, anybody with a bank account at Wells Fargo can cash a check for free. Since you can often open an account for free, you might consider opening an account to cash you check.

However, if you already have a good bank account or simply do not want to open an account just to cash your check for whatever your reason is, you can still cash checks at your local Wells Fargo for $7.50. Also, keep in mind that you can cash your check at Wells Fargo for free if it is coming from a Wells Fargo account.

If you want to find a Wells Fargo near me, click here to find the location closest to you.

Key Bank

Key Bank is another bank that serves a wide array of clients throughout the United States, and is available for check cashing assuming that you have one located nearby. You will need to visit KeyBank Plus branch location, and it may or may not be the best option for you to choose as a place for check cashing near me.

The fee for Key Bank is a minimum of $3 and a maximum of $25, depending on how much money you are cashing. Since there is a 1.5% fee of the face value of the check, the fee of Key Bank may be either the best or the worst option for you to pursue. However, since every fifth check you cash at Key Bank is free, there is still a good incentive to cash checks with a small face value assuming hat you don’t have a better option available.

If you want to find a key bank near me, click here to find the nearest location. Just be sure it is KeyBank Plus location

Chase Bank

Everybody in America has already heard of Chase Bank at this point, and might even hold a credit card issued from this large banking corporation. They also cash checks, but depending your personal circumstances you may or may not choose to cash checks at this location. Many different reports state that Chase Bank will charge a fee even if the check is issued by a Chase Bank client, so you may not see this as the best option unless you are located right next to a branch location. This is one of the best check cashing places near me.

The fee for cashing your check at Chase Bank will cost you $5 – 6, so you might instead choose to go to one of the other locations if you want a lower rate. Keeping in mind that you can always open an account and then cash your check for free, there are ways to get around the cost of cashing a check at Chase Bank. In any case, the best way to get the best rate for cashing checks at Chase is to have an account with them.

If you want to find a Chase Bank near me, click here to use the online Chase Bank locator

Cash checking locations map

If you want to find the nearest check cashing near me, simply visit the website of the location you want to visit or click on one of the links above that will help you find the nearest location. Since The Check Cashing Place is perhaps the cheapest and most widely available option, you can find their locations by clicking on the Locations and Hours menu of their website. On the dropdown menu, you will find that the branches of The Check Cashing Places can be found in Los Angeles and San Diego County.

Choose either one, and you will be given a list of places. Under Los Angeles, you will find 3rd & Vermont, Walnut Park, Inglewood, and Pacoima. Under San Diego, you will find various places grouped into four categories, namely: San Diego East and South, San Diego Mid City, and San Diego North. Once you click the specific place, you will be given the address, servicing hours, and phone number of The Check Cashing Places in the location.

You can even navigate a map and a satellite on the same page so the locations will be easier for you to visualize. But if you want to find the location that offers 24/7 services, you can click on the “24/7 Location” menu right beside “Locations and Hours” on the Home page. All the necessary information you will need to get to the place is provided for. What more can you ask for?


If you have one available, the place with the consistently best rates for cashing checks is currently The Check Cashing Place. However, if you still need to find a place to cash your checks at a location that is most convenient, the other locations listed above offer rates that are pretty competitive with this branch. In any case, make sure that you do plenty of research before picking a place to consistently cash your checks.

Check cashing near me is cheapest if done with a bank account at a location which will do this for you for free. However, not everybody trusts banks, or they simply do not want to or have the means to open a bank account. Everybody needs money, and since you might receive checks from your employer or as another means of payment, it is important to have a cheap place for check cashing near me.

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