Where to Get a Money Order Near Me

Getting a money order is easy these days, as there are many places where you can get them. When people ask me, “Where can I buy a money order?” I tell them that they can get a money order in banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions. I also inform them that they can get it in post offices, grocery stores, convenience stores, and even pharmacies. Bur first, what is a money order? Simply put, a money order is a payment order made for a specific purpose. It involves a sender and a receiver, often at different locations. If your receiver asks, “Where can I cash a money order,” don’t forget to give them the location and information such as a tracking number so they can claim it.

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Making a money order will cost a certain fee, depending on the amount of money involved as well as your location. You can use cash or card as payment options. Read on to know more about where to buy money orders, how much they cost, and how to purchase them.

Where to Buy a Money Order

If you are thinking, “where can I get a money order near me,” here are some of the most common places where you can get one:

1. Banks and Credit Unions
Naturally, any place that deals with money offers money orders as an added service. This is convenient if you have a savings or checking account with a bank or credit union, and you need to get a money order after making a transaction. You might need to pay more for a money order at the bank than at a grocery store, but the main advantage is that they can make it easier for you to track the order.

But what if you do not have a savings or checking account? Where can you cash a money order? Aside from credit unions and banks, there are other places where you can purchase money orders.

2. Money Stores
Aside from banks, money stores such as Western Union and MoneyGram offer money orders. They have outlets all over the country and in other parts of the world, so getting a money order with them is fast and easy.

3. Post Offices
Money orders are available in most post offices; however, there are some that do not issue them. In any case, it is always a wise idea to call the post office near you before going there. Moreover, I usually ask people where to buy money orders near me just to be sure!

4. Grocery Stores, Convenience Stores, and Pharmacies
When a friend of mine asked, “where can I get a money order,” I simply pointed her to the nearest grocery store. Most of these places offer money orders, usually in coordination with a money store like Western Union or Money Gram. Unlike banks and post offices, these stores are usually open during evenings and weekends, so getting a money order is possible anytime, anywhere. Stores such as a CVS near me, Safeway, and 7-Eleven are just some of the places where money orders are available.

The Cost of Money Orders

As cited earlier, the cost of a money order depends on where you get it from. Prices often range from one to ten dollars, with banks charging more than retail stores. Aside from this, take note of the amount of money involved. The higher the amount, the higher the cost will be. For example, a money order for $2,000 will definitely cost more than an order for $1,000. If you want to be certain, try doing some research by checking out websites and asking where to cash money orders and how much.

How to Purchase Money Orders

Buying a money order is just like writing a check. You will need to provide the name of the person or company that you are sending it to. In some cases, you will also need to give their contact number or email address, for tracking purposes. After filling up a form, you will need to make the payment using cash or a debit card. Credit cards and checks are not used, since these do not guarantee that the person or company will receive the money.

A Friendly Reminder
Now that I know where to get money order near me, I also make sure that I don’t forget to keep the receipt! As with most transactions involving money, it is always a good idea to keep receipts in case anything happens. For instance, you may need make some changes to the receiver’s name or the amount to be sent. You may also need to cancel the order for some reason. Moreover, if the order goes missing, you will need to show your receipt to get a refund.

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