The history of stamps

There is nothing more nostalgic or warming to the heart than a handwritten letter. Has it been that long ago that we learned how to address and stamp a letter in school? Children do not know what side of the envelope to place the stamp! Or how to address it properly with a return address.

Funnily enough, they can tell you where to buy a stamp. A quick search on Google can solve the “where to buy a stamp” problem. Post offices are no longer the only place to buy a stamp. And stamps now are sticky. Yes, they peel right off the paper like a sticker. I was never much for the taste of the backing of a stamp but I do remember licking my stamp with much zeal when sending my letter off to Santa Claus.

If you need to buy some stamps then why not try looking for your nearest Target Store or a local Staples. Check out my list of top stamp buys on Amazon

When looking for keywords in a search for where to buy stamps, several places come up. Walmart, a private store selling postal supplies, banks, Walgreens, some gas stations, Office Depot, Office Max and if you are organized and plan ahead, you can even order in bulk from Amazon. There are many locations to buy stamps near me.

There are many types of stamps–for example, commemorative, definitive, and special–and formats such as sheets, booklets, or coils.

How Stamp History has shaped America

Definitive stamps are the most common. Generally less than an inch square, they are printed in large quantities, and often more than once. These are the kind we commonly use on our letters and parcels. Commemorative stamps honor people, events, or subjects of importance to American life and culture. Like the Martin Luther King, Jr stamps or I am sure you have seen Marilyn Monroe’s face on a stamp.Special stamps are Christmas and Love, Holiday Celebration, international rate, Priority Mail, and Express Mail and they usually are on sale for just a limited time.

Stamp collecting can be a lifetime hobby. My father is an avid stamp collector. He even owns a special magnifier so he can see the minuscule details which are very important to him. Yet, it is fun and educational for all ages and it’s easy to start without a big investment. The study of stamps and postal materials is called, “philately“ and collectors are sometimes called, “philatelists.” Try saying that three times fast.

You can start by saving stamps from letters, packages, and postcards. Many beginning collectors choose a favorite subject like art, history, sports, transportation, or animals as the theme of their collection. You can have a great time on a limited budget with just a few inexpensive accessories such as an album and stamp hinges.

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