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The United States Postal Service (USPS) is the independent agency of the government of the United States that is responsible for the postal service in the country. It is generally called by various names, such as “Post Office”, “Postal Service”, or “U.S. Mail”. This means that USPS can provide you all your postal needs! You can buy stamps at USPS locations near you and you can make all your needed postal transactions at the place. To clarify: “all postal needs” includes mailing, shipping, printing, and the like. So if you are a person who wants to ask the question “Does USPS locations sell stamps?” You got the answer! It is a truly convenient store. All you have to do is to go to any one of the nearest USPS locations and you and your postal tasks are good to go! The only challenge you will have to face is to actually find USPS post office near you. If USPS isn't convenient for you then why not try looking for your nearest Target Store or a local Staples. Check out my list of top stamp buys on Amazon

USPS nearest locations map

The easiest way to find one is to visit the official USPS website. Trust me on this one, because this is what I do when I want to find USPS locations near me and it never failed me. Moving on, once you get to the official website, you will see a couple of options, such as “Quick Tools”, “Mail and Shipping”, “Track and Manage”, and so on. Click on the second option, which is “Mail and Shipping”. Among the drop down menu, you will see “Find USPS Locations”, where you can find the different U.S. post office locations.

On this page, you will see a box where you can enter your City and State or Zip Code. You can even narrow down your search by selecting what type of Location are you looking for? Are you searching for a post office? Perhaps, you simply want to visit Self-service USPS Kiosks or USPS Pick up services? You simply have to choose what location type you need to go to.

When finding closest USPS locations to me, I usually go to the Location that is most accessible. This way, I can simply visit the said place and ask for inquiries. I may even be able to accomplish my postal tasks there, even if it does not seem to be the right place to go to at first glance. Another way to find the nearest US post office near me is simply visiting Google Maps.

USPS is a landmark that is important enough to be seen on the map. You can use either method in finding USPS locations near me, or you may find another method that proves to be most convenient to you. Whatever the case, finding one nearest you will surely be a memorable experience. There is nothing better than to have a trip or two for a postal task. Have great fun

Does USPS Sell Stamps?

Answer: Yes. USPS is the main provider of stamps and is perhaps the best place to buy stamps. If you are looking for a place to buy forever stamps, stamp booklets, stamp rolls, or simply pay for one-way shipping, the post office is probably the best place to go. Since they offer all of the shipping products that you will need all in one place, including boxes tape and packing supplies, many people will simply use the post office as their one-stop shop for shipping.

If you are looking for a place who sells stamps or simply the nearest place to buy stamps, USPS might be your best option. Consider factors such as your location in relation to other places that sell stamps, whether or not you have all of the shipping supplies you need, how much you are willing to pay for your stamps and shipping supplies, and if this is the best option for you in general.

Why Ship With USPS?

USPS is a major shipping corporation who sells stamps and offers both domestic and international shipping. Since they offer all of the supplies that you need to ship your packages and the opportunity to drop off your box to be shipped all at one location, many people simply to make this their only stop for shipping their boxes.

Many people prefer USPS over other places like FedEx and UPS since they typically have the lowest rates for shipping. Since people often want to get the lowest possible price for a service, they often prefer to choose USPS as their shipping provider. It also might be the closest place to buy stamps, giving you a potential extra incentive to simply go to your local USPS post office. If you want to ship your packages with a company that has been around since the beginning of the United States, the USPS is a great company to use.

Should You Buy Shipping Supplies at USPS?

Answer: This depends. One thing to keep in mind is that although USPS may have some of the most affordable prices for stamps and shipping, they might not have the best prices when it comes to shipping supplies. Everybody has to make money somehow, and it seems that this is how the USPS makes the majority of their income. If money is not an issue for you and you simply want to save some time, simply buy all of your shipping supplies at your local USPS.

With inflated prices for boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and so on, the cheapest way to get shipping supplies is purchasing them from another supplier like Staples, Target, or even a moving store like U-Haul and then using the supplies for shipping. Being smart with how you spend your money will allow you to do more things at the end of the day, but if you want to pay for the convenience of a one-stop shopping center like USPS then so be it.

USPS History

The USPS is truly an American icon, dating back to 1775 when Benjamin Franklin was appointed by the Second Continental Congress as the first postmaster general. During the Civil War era, the USPS was carried out by horseback couriers under the name the Pony Express before the invention of the telegram ceased much of the necessity for the Pony Express program. The USPS was later changed into a cabinet level department in 1872 before becoming reaching its modern status in 1971 as an independent agency of the United States federal government.

Today, the USPS employs more than half-million employees across the United States and is still known for being an affordable means for shipping packages domestically and internationally at reasonable rates. Now that the USPS has to compete with other shipping corporations such as UPS and FedEx, they are coerced into offering reasonable rates and fast delivery times since there is no monopoly on shipping.

Buy USPS Stamps in Bulk

If you are looking to USPS postage stamps in bulk, you have many different options to consider. Of course, you can always buy postage stamps online using services like, or you contact USPS directly at 1-800-STAMP-24 (1-800-782-6274), or simply e-mail In any case, buying any product, including stamps, can always be accomplished for much cheaper when you purchase it in bulk.

If you want to buy stamps in bulk, the best option for buying them might either be online or in a local store. Click here if you want to get a full list of places that sell postage stamps in your area. In any case, make sure that you do plenty of research to ensure that you get the best postage stamp price for your budget and personal needs.

USPS Customer Service

Along with providing USPS tracking number search tools, the USPS also provides FAQs, online Customer Support, and specialized Customer Service for National & Premier Accounts. USPS is widely known for having a great customer service since there are plenty of employees which are ready to assist you with your questions.

If you want to confirm your package you can do so by reaching out to Be sure to have your tracking number (if relevant) available before you email USPS customer service, and they are pretty good at getting back to you quickly since they employ a large number of people across the USA.

Does USPS Ship Packages Worldwide?

Answer: Yes. The USPS serves every locality within each state and city that is within United States borders. Additionally, they ship packages to most countries in the world, including smaller countries like Vatican City, Monaco, and Malta, for example. If you want to view an entire list of countries that you can ship packages to using USPS, click here.

Depending on the size of your package, the destination, and other shipping variables, USPS may or may not be the cheapest option to ship packages internationally. If you want to choose the best company for shipping internationally, the best thing you can do is call around to multiple companies and get an estimate before giving a penny to any of the major shipping companies.

There are also other companies that ship packages worldwide that you might consider using. UPS and FedEx both also send packages overseas to many of the same places that are provided by the USPS. Sending packages overseas is always more expensive than sending them domestically, so you will definitely want to shop around before you decide to go with one company.

If you want to ship with UPS instead of USPS, click here for a list of countries served by this competitor company.

FedEx also ships packages to international destinations. To view a complete list of places that you can send a package with FedEx, click here for a complete list of countries they ship to.

Other Services Provided by USPS

One great incentive of using USPS is that they have Post Office™ boxes located all across the United States which can replace needing a permanent address if you are constantly moving around or simply want to visit the post office to pick up your mail. Many businesses will choose to use a Post Office™ box since they allow the company to have some more privacy.

As stated, the USPS also ships mail internationally to most countries in the world, including military outposts which might be in dangerous locations. For this reason, the military will often use the USPS instead of other competitors since they are available for this purpose. Anybody who has loved ones serving overseas can depend on using USPS to send mail out to the battlefield safely.

If you need to place a money order which is a confirmed method of instant payment, your local USPS can take care of this for you. This is a great way to pay bills or send money to friends and guarantee that nobody will take the cash out of the envelope. Since it works very similarly to a check, make sure to clearly print the recipient’s name correctly on the receipt so that there are no issues for them using their ID to collect the payment.

Another great service provided by USPS is that they own several different mail drop boxes that are positioned in various places around the USA. These are a great way to drop your package off at any time of day and ensure that the mail man will come and pick it up for you. However, be sure include all of the necessary components such as the sender address, delivery address, the proper postage, and binding to hold the package together. If you forget any of these things or the mail man cannot read your writing you will risk having your package compromised and lost in the system.

Lastly, if you want to apply for a passport or passport renewal, many USPS locations will be able to assist you. For locations that provide this service, be sure to call 1-800-ASK-USPS, or simply visit and you will get more information on this service. If you are getting a passport, USPS may or may not be the cheapest outlet, depending on what you are specifically looking for.

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