Buy a Walmart Money Order Near Me

Does Walmart do money orders? The answer is yes, Walmart provides money orders for a small fee. Money orders can be procured from either the returns desk, or at the internal bank branch many Walmart locations have.

Money orders work very much like checks. Only they are much safer to use, and they are much more accessible. They are safer to use because they work using the prepaid system. You pay for the amount of money you wish the money order to have before you can use it. This way, the receiver is guaranteed to receive the payment as it is written. Unlike checks, which may make use of accounts that do not actually have enough funds to cover for the amount written on the check. Moreover, only the specified receiver can make use of the money order sent by the specific purchaser. This greatly reduces the chances of theft. Thus, money orders are considered to be an extremely safe method of payment. If you are looking for Stamps then click on our guide to stamps near me

Walmart store locations near me

Does Walmart sell money orders?

To buy a Walmart money order, you will first have to find the nearest Walmart store around. I’ll share some of the things I do when I want to find a Walmart near me. First option is, I open google map, identify my location, and scout for Walmart stores near me. You can also choose to visit Walmart’s official website and make use of their store locator.

Once you find the Walmart store at your most convenient location, go to the cashier and specify the amount you want your money order to contain. All the money orders in all Walmart stores are MoneyGram money orders. Along with paying the actual value of the money order, you will also have to pay a fee of $0.70. You can make use of cash, Walmart MoneyCards, and/or PIN-based debit card as methods of payment. Credit cards are not acceptable tender to use as payment for money orders at Walmart.

How does a Walmart money order work?

The money order limit, which is the maximum amount a single money order is allowed to have, is $1,000. If you need a value greater than the said amount, you can purchase more money orders as long as it does not exceed the allowable daily limit of $3,000. You should take this information to heart because buying money orders whose total value exceeds the daily limit will call for a suspicious activity report (SARS).

Cash MoneyGram Money Orders At Walmart.

Does Walmart cash money orders? Yes, Walmart cashes money orders.

Does Walmart cash MoneyGrams? Yes, Walmart cashes MoneyGrams money orders also.

You can avail this service as long as you purchased the money order you wish to cash at any of its branches. In other words, you can only cash MoneyGram Walmart money orders only. You will have to pay a fee of $3 when cashing money orders worth $1,000 or below. When cashing money orders more than $1,000, the fee is $6.


Everything you need to know about Walmart money orders is included above. Walmart does give money orders for a small fee. Walmart also cashes money orders. The Walmart near me offers countless other services, not to mention thousands of products. Visit a Walmart near you today!

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